Recent and forthcoming events

July 12

Release of TOM 2.5 ! See the release announce

June 29

TPR'07: 1st International Workshop on Type theory, proof theory, and rewriting in in conjonction with RDP'07 in Paris

June 7

TPA+Rainbow+CoLoR winner of the certified termination competition 2007 ! See results.

May 15

New postdoc opportunities !

April 27

First release of Moca !

March 19

New PhD and postdoc opportunities !

March 5

1st seminar of the Quotient project

March 2

Activity report 2006

February 9

CoLoR: proof of the termination criterion based on dependency graph cycles

January 5

D├ębut de l'ARC Quotient

January 3

On the implementation of construction functions for non-free concrete data types, by F. Blanqui, T. Hardin and P. Weis, accepted to ESOP'07

December 9

Results of the SPECIF 2006 PhD Thesis Award

December 1

CoLoR: proof of an important modularity result on (relative) termination

November 4

167/864 = 19.3% of TPDB TRS problems certified by Rainbow with TPA !

October 9-13

Visit of Dan Dougherty

October 4

Release of TOM 2.4 ! See the release announce

Past events